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Ryan DiMarco
Sous Chef

Raised in Pittsburgh’s Friendship neighborhood, Ryan comes from a large family where food was everything at get togethers. From his start cutting his teeth as a line cook downtown at Meat and Potatoes, to four years at Dinette learning about sustainable dining and gardening, to years off working in Nashville and Columbus, Ryan's experience is expansive. Ryan is deeply passionate about ending food insecurity/inequality and providing affordable. healthy, and wholesome food products to underserved communities. Ryan and his Fiancé have 2 dogs and 3 cats, and are always looking to add to the zoo!


Kevin Costa
General Manager

Kevin was born & raised in Pittsburgh, but made a detour to Ohio where he earned his degree in Business Management at Ohio State University. Kevin then joined the Peace Corps, where he focused on small business development in Benin after graduation. After returning to the states, Kevin realized his passion for food and started his professional career as a chef working for his mentor Chef Joanne Drilling in Cincinnati. He moved back to Pittsburgh in 2010 and opened his own business, Crested Duck Charcuterie. When he's not at work, he loves spending time with his husband and two dogs. A perpetual child, Kevin is creating mischief (and joy) wherever he goes.


Elias Lyons
Sous Chef

Elias grew up in the South Hills of Pittsburgh eating Sunday dinners of Southern food cooked by mom and learning to make down-home recipes of pierogies and spanikopita with grandma. His mom claims his first words were “I’m hungry”. To him cooking is about people coming together for the most basic of reasons and bonding over a shared sense of gratitude and satisfaction. He most enjoys cooking with wood fires and fish and goes foraging in his spare time. When he isn’t cooking on the line he can be found crouched down in a corner of the kitchen scarfing down a shift meal.

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